Diecast Models

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The term diecast model here refers to any toy or collectible model produced by using the die casting method. The toys are made of metal and plastic, the metal used commonly is zamak (or Mazak), an alloy of zinc and aluminium. Zamak is also referred to as white metal or pot metal. The most common die-cast toys are scale models of automobiles, aircraft, construction equipment and trains, although almost anything can be produced by this method.

Die casting Process

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Die casting is the process of forcing molten metal under high pressure into mold cavities (which are machined into dies). Most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals, specifically zinc, copper, aluminium, magnesium, lead, and tin based alloys, although ferrous metal die castings are possible. The die casting method is especially suited for applications where a large quantity of small to medium sized parts are needed with good detail, a fine surface quality and dimensional consistency.[2]

This level of versatility has placed die castings among the highest volume products made in the metalworking industry.

Popular modelling scales

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Die-cast toys and models come in various scales, the most popular ones being:

1:12 scale – Very large models usually about 14 or 15 inches long often targeted at adults who are more into serious collecting and high detail. These models are generally much more expensive than the 1:18 models.

1:18 scale – Large models usually about 7 or 8 inches long, often targeted at adults

1:24 scale – Similar to G scale Nascar Cars],which are 1:22.5 scale, extremely popular in America

1:32 scale – Intermediate size most common for vintage cars and model tractors

1:36 scale – Also made from Maisto, Kinsmart and Welly

1:43 scale – made popular by Dinky and Corgi, the most popular scale with model car collectors internationally – similar to O scale model trains

1:48 scale – aircraft sold in this scale to match plastic model kits

1:50 scale – trucks, buses, construction equipment, promotional models, military vehicles – similar in size to O scale model trains

1:55 scale – used by Siku and the Disney-Pixar Cars Die-Cast Line by Mattel

1:60 scale – the scale of the immensely popular pre-war and post-war military vehicles series by Dinky Toys (including military Dinky Supertoys)

1:64 scale – popular for farm models and American model trucks. Matchbox, Hot Wheels and model Nascar cars are nominally this size.

1:72 scale – A growing scale for military die-cast AFVs

1:76 scale – highly detailed mainly British buses and lorries such as those by EFE and Corgi OOC – same as OO scale model trains

1:87 scale – One of the smallest in scale products widely available in the markets. – same as HO scale model trains

Toy add-ons

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Items such as toy restaurants and filling stations are sometimes sold separately from the cars, to be used as playsets. Toy raceways are also sold for use with die-cast cars, which have become more complicated in recent years, usually involving loops and complicated curves. Also produced are carry cases made specifically for children to be able to travel with their cars.